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What is FACE- VALUE ?

FACE-VALUE, delivers accurate results for facial Detection Recording, Matching and Recognition through advanced algorithms, even with poorly lit, poor quality, angled or obstructed image captures.

At TESLABS we have just released our next generation V2.0 Australian Developed Facial Recognition System.

The TESLABS solution is very different from traditional systems. Firstly, we did away with the need for expensive infrastructure in most cases. We built a simple, low cost of entry, low risk, subscription based solution. Our system uses small form factor servers customised for the job at hand.

The system is modular in design, scaleable and that scaelability becomes inherently resilient. The system as it stands today can deliver functionality:

  • Facial Recognition

  • People Counting

  • People Tracking

FACE-VALUE Systems, when used in Hospitality Venues can significantly improve revenues, when used in conjunction with Gaming Systems. Ask us how?

Easily identify Self Excluded Members & Unwelcome visitors the moment they present themselves to enter your venue.

Provide a safer environment for Members & Staff by identifying known trouble makers as they attempt to enter the premises.

Importantly, we are able to deliver to you an entire system that will cost significantly less than our competitors.  

The Significance of the FACE

The human face is integral to all our personal interactions. Indeed we often talk about having important meetings face-to-face and to truly know and understand a person, we look to their face. The ability to broadcast our identity and feelings to others through our face is at the core of who we are as a species. Throughout history people’s faces have been drawn, painted or photographed to identify and remember.


Faces are unique & complex, two faces can be similar, but never exact. They can be altered with a simple move of a muscle and so many accessories and products are used on the face that can enhance or distort features including makeup, dyes hats, sunglasses, contact lenses, surgery and chemical adjustments …… the list goes on.


Trying to find a face in a crowd, or to match an image against old samples, has proven difficult not only with millions of facial expressions, aging, angles, weight fluctuations or styling for any given person, but the technology with which imagery and data is captured varies in terms of technical ability, positioning, resolution, level of cooperation, lighting, timing and output.



Proven Accuracy

The FACE-VALUE recognition matching Algorithm provides best in class accuracy and selectivity regardless of the database size and low image quality. Small scale one to one verification through to large-scale, high-volume identification matching has been tested in the field with tremendous results.


Working with FACE-VALUE means having access to biometrics expertise and leading biometric technologies that provide the most accurate matching in difficult capture conditions.

FACE-VALUE International News Release.

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Why PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance?

Problems with CCTV systems could be putting your assets at risk if they are not detected and rectified in a timely manner. 

Traditional maintenance leaves your assets vulnerable between visits, and relies on you to discover and report faults, often after an incident has already occurred. 

Our PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance Service identifies and reports issues automatically, reducing your vulnerability and down-time when systems are faulty.

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Our FACE-VALUE & PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance Monitoring products are both driven by the latest technology. We search for emerging trends and innovative, sustainable solutions for the Hospitality Industry that our clients can apply and rely on with confidence. 

The digital world has allowed the fusion of many technologies over recent decades, with the merging of computers, telephones, CCTV, Access Control, Digital Signage and more recently AV, with them all becoming entwined.

This creates the necessity for solutions providers like TESLABS to understand the connectivity they share. These technologies, if managed competently, can provide a solution for the end user that is seamless and efficient.

With developments like "FACE-VALUE" and "PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance Monitoring", TESLABS can provide your Club with the latest innovations and infrastructure to support these technologies and provide you and your members with the benefits these technologies can deliver.

PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenace Monitor can be used to monitor multiple sites and Systems anywhere in Australia or overseas 

football crowd being FACE-VALUE scanned from the opposite side of the stadium.

Chinese AirBnB implements Facial Recognition


Shanghai Metro uses Facial Recognition 
Sydney Airport using Facial Recognition
BA installs Facial Recognition